Give your customers the flexibility to pay the way they want to, including contactless or magnetic stripe cards, and mobile wallets like Apple Pay™, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay™

Increase vending sales by up to 30%

Increased sales

By providing customers with more ways to pay, operators who use Crane Cashless experience an increase in sales. On average, revenue increases by 30% after installing cashless hardware on your vending machine. On low-volume machines, the lift can be up to 110%!


Complete Solution

Crane Cashless Complete Solution

Installed in minutes, 4-in-1 Plus is one step of building your complete cashless solution. Available in surface mount configuration also.


User Friendly Interactions

The 4-in-1 Plus interface screen guides consumers through the payment process with a seamless user-friendly experience. A simple 3 button command system (yes, no, cancel) adds capability to engage your consumers with loyalty programs.


Peace of Mind

Customers want security when it comes to payments and we offer industry standard encryption, EMVCO (L1 & L2), PCI, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover certification.   As the manufacturer, we control the development and life cycle, so it's never a surprise what card reader you will get.